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The congregation welcomes you to Grace Church, West Lorne

Grace lawn signWe welcome and invite you to the life and work of the Grace Anglican Church. We encourage you to come to our Sunday morning services held at 9:15 a.m. or to contact us directly. Our mission is to be a nurturing, caring community that embraces the love of Christ and joyfully bears witness to his life.

Picture of the reunion of descendants

On Sunday July 12th, 2009 descendants of J.C. Schleihauf, known locally as "the Squire" gathered at Grace Anglican Church, West Lorne to worship with the regular congregation. In 1883 the Squire donated the land to build the church, but the story goes back earlier than that and provides a picture of how difficult times were in Upper Canada in the mid 19th century.

The Squire’s father, Johann Christoph Schleihauf, emigrated from Germany in 1842. J.C. junior was born in Heidelberg Germany on January 7th 1837. The family settled in Niagara, but moved to New Glasgow in 1847. The Squire married a Scottish lass, Annie McCallum and they had five children. When Annie was just 25, she and three of her children died in the space of a few days from scarlet fever. In 1870 the Squire married Sarah Ann Gilbert of Tyrconnell and they had ten children.

Church window dedicated to J.C.SchleihaufSarah Ann was a staunch Anglican, but with no Anglican Church in West Lorne they initially worshipped at the Presbyterian Church, and later at the Lutheran Church. In 1881 Huron College sent the Rev’d. John Schulte to be Anglican missionary to Aldborough. He lived with the Schleihaufs for his three years in the area. On May 23rd 1883 the Squire donated one fifth of an acre of land for the site of Grace Anglican Church. He also donated lumber for the church interior including the pews. His daughter Lilly "Vic" was the first child to be baptized in the new church and the first to be confirmed.

The Squire was a self made man, who made his fortune in the lumber business. He donated the land to the Canada Southern Railway for the right-of-way through West Lorne, and for the West Lorne station. West Lorne was a tiny hamlet at the time, but with the railway came rapid growth. When the Squire died in 1908 his wife and sons owned most of the property in West Lorne.

Many of the Squire’s descendants still live in Ontario, including West Lorne, but others have moved further afield, including Saskatchewan where Dr. Michael Zimmermann is a professor in the Department of International Languages at the University of Regina. In lieu of the regular Sunday sermon Dr. Zimmermann shared with the congregation the story of the early members of his family.

Photo of the decendants of Mr. and Mrs. J.C.SchleihaufAlso worshipping with us were two family members who are descendants of one of J.C. Schleihauf’s brothers from Freiburg i. Breisgau in Germany, Dr. Bãrbel Horn-Schleihauf and her daughter Imke Horn. It is their first visit to Canada. The reunion was organized by Mrs. Helen Mooser of West Lorne.

Written by David James, lay delegate at Grace Church, from information provided by Dr. Michael Zimmermann and from an article published in the West Lorne Sun, Thursday July 24th 1975.


What to Expect At Our Worship Service


When you arrive you will be warmly welcomed by one of our members and offered a copy of the readings for the service. We are happy to assist you with seating if you need.

The service begins with singing of a hymn, at times this will take place as a Processional, during which the clergy, choir, and lay servers enter and take their places at the front. Hymn numbers are posted at the front of the church and announced by the minister

After the singing of the hymn, the service continues using the Book of Alternative Services (BAS). The rector will announce the page number to guide you throughout the service.

At an early point in the service, children are invited to the front of the church for the Childrens Focus, after which they can stay with their parents for the church service or participate in Sunday School activities..


In the service of the Eucharist (Communion), the congregation walks to the front of the church and kneels at the alter rail. The reverend will offer the bread, saying, "The body of Christ". Next, lay attendants will offer the cup of wine, saying, 'The blood of Christ shed for you. You may choose to drink directly from the cup, or to touch the edge of the bread to the wine."

After you have received communion, you may return to your seat.

After announcements, a recessional hymn is sung, during which the clergy, choir, and lay servers exit. The deacon offers a benediction similar to, 'Go out to serve and love the Lord" At this point, the service is over. After the service you are welcome to refreshments served in the adjacent hall.
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